Clifford, Ethel, Shinn & Flegel Crowned WWA World Champions

Aug 19, 2012

Author: Press Release

WWA World Championships, Supra Boats, Rockstar

Pleasant Prairie, WI. – The best riders from across the globe were rewarded with one of the sport’s most prestigious accolades, a World Title, during the final day of the Rockstar WWA Wakeboard World Championships Presented by Supra. In all, eight World Titles were earned today by a global field of the world’s top wakeboarders and wakeskaters.

Displaying excellent riding on Lake Andrea, riders claiming World Titles today  included: Harley Clifford (Men’s Pro), Meagan Ethell (Women’s Pro), Noah Flegel (Junior Pro Men), Stu Shinn (Pro Wakeskate), John Zdeblick (Men’s I), Setsuko Ito (Women’s Pro Wakeskate), Mark Dougherty (Masters Finals) and Chad Lowe (Pro Veterans Finals).

Additionally, three of wakeboarding’s most sought after season-long titles were announced last night at the Supra WWA Dinner of Champions. Harley Clifford was awarded the 2012 Rockstar King of Wake, Meagan Ethell received the 2012 Mona Vie Queen of Wake distinction and Mike Dowdy claimed the 2012 Overton’s Junior Pro Series season title.

“I’m really excited about winning King of Wake for the second season in a row,” said Clifford. “It has for sure been the craziest season ever. The riding was ridiculous, everyone killed it. I couldn’t be happier to come out on top!”

Following Clifford’s masterful performance in the Men’s finals, fans were treated to one of the most jaw-dropping spectacles in all of wakeboarding; the Sony Big Air Contest. Behind the supercharged engine of Supra’s towboat, the top Pro Men riders launched some of the most gigantic airs ever seen. Boosting a big Stalefish Backside 180, Aaron Rathy claimed first place in the competition.

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Final Day Results
Pro Men Finals
1.       Harley Clifford                  95.00
2.       Phillip Soven                      85.00
3.       JD Webb                             76.67
4.       Andrew Adkison               75.00
5.       Rusty Malinoski                55.00
6.       Danny Harf                         40.00

Pro Women Finals
1.       Meagan Ethell                   78.33
2.       Amber Wing                       73.33
3.       Raimi Merritt                     66.67
4.       Mellissa Marquardt          56.67
5.       Tarah Mikacich                  51.67
6.       Hayley Smith                      10.00

Pro Wakeskate Finals
1.       Stu Shinn                            76.67
2.       Brian Grubb                       70.00
3.       Brandon Thomas              60.00
4.       Danny Hampson               48.33
5.       Jim Branton                        35.00

Junior Pro Men Finals
1.       Noah Flegel                       91.25
2.       Tony Iacconi                       82.25
3.       Mike Dowdy                      81.75
4.       Jacob Valdez                     70.25
5.       Christian Primrose           62.75
6.       Freddie Wayne                 61.75

Pro Veterans Finals
1.       Chad Lowe                         66.67
2.       Kenji Harada                      46.67

Masters Finals
1.       Mark Dougherty               68.33
2.       German Brito                     60.00
3.       Kurt Robertson                  55.00
4.       Kevin Michael                    45.00

Pro Women Wakeskate Finals
1.       Setsuko Ito                         46.67

Men’s 1 Finals
1.       John Zdeblick                    80.00
2.       Ben Herrema                     71.67
3.       Jordan Gensler                  64.33
4.       Luciano Rondi Neto          58.33
5.       Kevin Hutts                         43.33
6.       Lee Wagner                        26.67

Pro Men Semifinals Heat 1
1.       Danny Harf                         78.33
2.       Shota Tezuka                     70.33
3.       Austin Hair                          55.67

Pro Men Semifinals Heat 2
1.       JD Webb                             76.67
2.       Steel Lafferty                     65.00
3.       Pierce Homsey                  50.00

Men’s Pro Semifinals Heat 3
1.       Rusty Malinoski                77.00
2.       Kirby Liesmann                  57.67
3.       Dean Smith                         48.33

Men’s Pro Semifinals Heat 4
1.       Andrew Adkison               84.33
2.       Josh Palma                          68.00
3.       Aaron Rathy                       56.67

Men’s Pro Semifinals Heat 5
1.       Phillip Soven                     88.00
2.       Tony Carroll                        80.00
3.       Chad Sharpe                      35.00

Men’s Pro Heat 6
1.       Harley Clifford                  84.33
2.       Daniel Powers                   72.00
3.       Danny Thollander            61.33


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