Wakestock Nautique Am Champs Goes Off!

Aug 12, 2012

Author: Wakestock.com

One of Canada's biggest annual Amateur events, the WAKESTOCK NAUTIQUE AMATEUR CHAMPIONSHIP presented by Pride Marine Group, Monster Energy, GoPro, Rip Curl and SBC Wakeboard Magazine, showcased the next generation of riding talent from Novice thru to Advanced.

With 115 riders vying for over $10,000 in prizes it was equally exciting to see the high level of riding from the top Ams battling for qualification into the Monster Energy Wakestock WWA World Series, as well as the amazing talent of so many young novice riders. In fact, the Novice Division was the largest group, boasting over 50 riders, 20 of whom were under the age of 12.

Qualifying for the Monster Energy Wakestock WWA World Series were Andy Milovanvic - 1st, Robbie Culp - 2nd, and Harrson Carter - 3rd.

An exciting new feature of the Am Championships was the RIP CURL GROM SEARCH for all riders age 16 & Under. That put over 50 riders in contention for the coveted prize of a one year Rip Curl sponsorship and qualification into the Wakestock World Series. The top four Rip Curl Grom Search Finalists faced off in a Showcase Final Saturday at noon in front of the big waterfront crowd with 16 year old Mitch Lowry stomping his run to take the title!

In addition to amazing prizes from Go Pro, Rip Curl, Ronix, O'Brien, CWB, Hyperlite, Slingshot, Zeal, and Spy, a highlight for the amateurs was the chance to ride behind the new SUPER AIR NAUTIQUE G23 and it's game changing wake. While boosting the top riders to all new trick heights, the wake also offered a smooth, easy ramp for the youngest riders. The G23 wake generated plenty of best ever trick runs, big smiles and excited comments from all the riders young and old!

Novice 10 & Under Boys winner Jesse Jarrett takes his riding to new heights behind the Super Air Nautique G23! Roth photo

Advanced Men's rider Harrison Carter finished 3rd and qualified for the Monster Energy Wakestock Pro World Series. Roth photo.

Novice 12 & Under Girls winner Mackayla Petrie. Roth photo

Novice 16-19 Men's winner Jamie Panter riding with the Go Pro camera using the Go Pro chest attachment. Roth photo

Novice 11-12 Boy's winner Payton Schaley. Roth photo

2nd place Novice 16-19 Men's, Dawson McLaughlin riding with the Go Pro camera. Roth photo

25+ Intermediate Men's winner Thomas Harrison. Roth photo

And if that wasn't enough to stoke out the ams, GoPro offered use of their amazing wearable and mountable HD cameras for riders to film their competition runs. Check out GoPro footage from the Nautique Am Championships here and see what it was like to compete at Wakestock and ride behind the revolutionary Nautique G23 wake!

See full results and more photos below!

Five year old Avery Spalding rocking the Go Pro camera! Roth photo

Eight year old Andie Gendron finished 2nd in Novice Girls 12 & Under. Roth photo

Thirteen year old Taylor Stewart won Novice Boys 13-15. Roth photo

Advanced Men's rider Dylan Kirn. Roth photo

25+ Intermediate rider Nick Nagriblanko finished 3rd. Roth photo

Advanced Men's rider Jimmy Fandsen of Vernon, BC

Advanced Men rider and 2011 Rip Curl Grom Search winner Sebastien Santacroce. Roth photo

Novice 13-5 Boys rider Cory Znebel scored 2nd place. Roth photo

Sixteen year old Will Morris competed in Advanced Men and made the finals of the Rip Curl Grom Search. Roth photo

Roth photo

Presented by Monster Energy, Pride Marine Group, Go Pro Rip Curl, SBC Wakeboard Magazine

Jesse Jarrett (left) and Carter Beswick
1. Jesse Jarrett (age 10), Muskoka, ON
2. Cameron Spalding (age 7), Belmont Lake, ON
3. Carter Beswick (age 10), Gloucester Pool & Collingwood, ON
4. Carson Jacobs (age 9), Puslinch Lake, ON
5. Jack Beswick (age 8), Gloucester Pool & Collingwood, ON
6. Alexander Dicks (age 10), Lake Eugenia, ON
7. Dane Johnston (age 10), Grand Bend, ON
8. Justin Pulls

Andie Gendron (left) and Becca Ballantyne
1. Mackayla Petrie (age 12), Wow Plaza, St Zotique, QC
2. Andie Gendron (age 8), Muskoka, ON
3. Becca Ballantyne (age 12), Lake Couchiching, ON
4. Sommer Gendron (age 11), Muskoka, ON
5. Kate Beswick (age 11), Gloucester Pool & Collingwood, ON
6. Samantha Preston (age 10) Preston Springs Park, Hastings, ON
7. Avery Spalding (age 5), Belmont Lake, ON

Payton Schaly (left) and Anthony Sehl
1. Payton Schaly (age 11), Huntsville, Muskoka, ON
2. Anthony Sehl (age 12), Lake Eugenia, ON
3. Riley Dillon (age 11), Ranch Wake Park, ON
4. Garrison Jacobs (age 11), Puslinch Lake, ON
5. Brece Crook

Cory Znebel
1. Taylor Stewart (age 13), Lake Belwood, ON
2. Cory Znebel (age 14), Muskoka, ON
3. Daniel Passafiume (age 15), Muskoka, ON
dnc -  Michael Evans (age 13), Kawarthas, ON

Samantha Jarrett (left) and Claudia Sehl
1. Britlyn MacLaren (age 15, Muskoka Woods, ON
2. Samantha Jarrett (age 14), Muskoka, ON
3. Claudia Sehl (age 14), Lake Eugenia, ON

Jacob Semenuk
1. Jamie Panter (age 18), Bobcageon, ON
2. Dawson McLachlan (age 16), Muskoka, ON
3. Jacob Semenuk (age 18), Lakeside, ON

Jenn Brazeau
1. Jenn Brazeau (age 19), Manotick, ON
2. Cassandra Athans (age 16), Muskoka, ON
3. Kaleigh Panter (age 17), Bobcageon, ON
dnc - Cheyenne Derkson (age 18), Adrenaline Adventures, MB

1. Steve Haack (age 22), Lake Rosalind, ON
2. Tommy Lucas (age 28), Hastings, ON
3. Ryan Tucker (age 26), Preston Springs Park, Hastings, ON
dnc - Jeff McFarlane (age 25), Hastings, ON
dnc - Josh Benoliel (age 22)

(Left to right) Christina Preston, Brittney Cascanette, Merrilees Miner
1. Brittney Cascanette (age 22), Parry Sound, Muskoka, ON
2. Merrilees Miner (age 22), Hastings, ON
3. Christina Preston (age 31), Hastings, ON
4. Shaunna Demars (age 21), West Lake Wake School, ON
5. Cassandra Genetelic

1. Charlie Murphy (age 15), Riley Lake, ON
2. Mackenzie Petrie (age 14), Wow Plaza, St Zotique, QC
dnc Ethan Harrison (age 13), West Lake, ON
dnc Colton Smith (age 14), Muskoka, ON

(Left to right) Melissa Kurtin, Christi McKinney, Jen Evans
1. Christi McKinney (age 17), West Lake, ON
2. Jen Evans (age 16), Kawarthas, ON
3. Melissa Kurtin (age 25), Ranch Wake Park, ON

(Left to right) Ryan Galea, Brayden Beswick, Phillip Rousseau
1. Brayden Beswick (age 15), Gloucester Pool & Collingwood, ON
2. Phillip Rousseau (age 18), Lake of Bays, Muskoka, ON
3. Ryan Galea (age 17), Lake Eugenia, ON
4. Ryan Hartman (age 19), Otter Lake, ON
dnc Adam Damien (age 17), Mauritius Island, ON
dnc Zach Taylor (age 16), West Lake, ON
dnc Leor Ekstein (age 19), Camp Timberlane, ON
dnc Michael Bregman, Camp Timberlane, ON

(Left to right) Ben Beachman, Ben Buschtie, Jon McTavish
1. Ben Buschtie, Muskoka, ON
2. Jon McTavish (age 23), Muskoka Woods, ON
3. Ben Beachman (age 21), Muskoka, ON
4. Eric McKinnon (Sauble Beach, ON
5. Casey Ross (age 20), Muskoka, ON
6. James Roth (age 21), Sauble Beach, ON
7. Alex Normandeau (age 22), Toronto, ON
8. Kirby Kostuk (age 20), Boarderpass, Sarnia, ON
9. Mike Plazek (age 25), Grand River, ON
dnc Jeff Mc Fadden (age 22), Chatham, ON
dnc Matthew Spencer

(Left to Right) Nick Nagriblanko, Mark Harrison, Thomas Harrison
1. Mark Harrison (age 25), Muskoka Woods, ON
2. Thomas Harrison (age 27), Muskoka Woods, ON
3. Nick Nagriblanko (age 27), Bancroft, ON
4. Jesse Gionette (age 25), Blind River, ON
5. Ryan B Jennings (age 35), Lakeside, ON
6. Clint Girard
7. Dave Carry (age 30)
8. Gavin Fisk (age 25), Manitouwabing Lake, ON
9. Jason Simpson (age 35), Chesley Lake, ON
10. John "Mad Dog" Paddon (ageless), Muskoka, ON

(Left to right) Emily Tenwesteneind, Taylor Jihnson, Erika Langman
1. Taylor Johnson (age 18), Boundary Dam, Estevan, SK
2. Emily Tenwesteneind (age 22), Wake Institute, Kawarthas, ON
3. Erika Langman, Wake Institute, Kawarthas, ON
4. Ally Boothroyd, Wake Institute, Kawarthas, ON
5. Susie Mallory (age 22), Balsalm Lake, ON

(Left to Right) Connor McDougall, Pat Seguin, Aaron McKinney
1. Pat Seguin (age 19), Collingwood
2. Connor McDougall (age 17), Parry Sound, Muskoka, ON
3. Aaron McKinney (age 19), West Lake, ON
4. Colt Pickles (age 23), Shebeshekong Lake, ON
5. Adam Fairnrass (age18), Morrison Lake, ON
dnc Jack Heney (age 21), West Lake, ON

Heat 1
1. Harrison Carter (age 17), Wake Institute, Kawarthas, ON
2. Mark Norris, ON
3. Aaron Kim (age 23), Chippawa, ON
4. Brendan McDougall (age 19), Parry Sound, Muskoka, ON
5. John Eckensviller (age 21) Fenelon Falls, ON
dnc Jeremy Eckford, Wake Institute, Kawarthas, ON

Heat 2
1. Robbie Culp (17), Temecula, CA
2. Andy Milovanovic (age 22), Lake of Bays, Muskoka, ON
3. Jimmy Fandsen (age 18), Vernon, BC
4. Will Morris (age 16), Wake Institute, Kawarthas, ON
5. Sebastien Santacroce (age 17), Balsalm Lake, ON
6. Dylan Kirn (age 19), Chippawa, ON

Heat 3
1. Mitch Lowry (age 16), Kosh Lake, ON
2. Kane Dawson (age 25), Summer Water Sports, Muskoka
3. Brock Jessop (age 19), Mississippi Lake, ON
4. Mike Maynard (age 27), Peterborough, ON
5. Ben Janke (age 21), Shadow Lake, ON
6. Jake Thompson (age 20), Trent River, ON
7. Zenon Krupa (age 18), Ottawa, ON
8. Chad Rivait, Windsor

Top 3 Qualify for Wakestock WWA Pro World Series
1. Andy Milovanovic (age 22), Lake of Bays, Muskoka, ON
2. Robbie Culp (17), Temecula, CA
3. Harrison Carter (age 17), Wake Institute, Kawarthas, ON
4. Kane Dawson (age 25), SWS, Muskoka, ON
5. Mitch Lowry (age 16), Kosh Lake, ON
6. Mark Norris


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