The Roots Sharpley's Source For Sports Open

Jul 23, 2012

Author: Press Release/Travis Tedford photos

The Roots, Sharpley's Sourse For Sports Open,  wakeboarding, wakeskating

This 2012 Disney XD Roots Wake Series rolled through Haliburton, Ontario this past weekend for the Sharpley Source for Sports Open presented by MasterCraft. Registration numbers were through the roof, making this one of the largest events in the series’ three-year history.

Buckeye Marine provided the power on the water in the form of a brand new MasterCraft X2 and the only 2013 MasterCraft X-Star currently in Canada, and Mother Nature provided better weather than we could have hoped for! Tons of spectators wandered down to the site on Head Lake, drawn by the witty banter of the emcees, sweet deals at the Sharpley Source for Sports tent, Red Bull’s High Ollie Competition, and the promise of being able to watch Ontario’s best wakeboarders throwing down in person.

The Roots, Sharpley's Sourse For Sports Open,  wakeboarding, wakeskating

The Roots, Sharpley's Sourse For Sports Open,  wakeboarding, wakeskating

Our Newbie and Beginner Divisions got the day started behind the X2, and we definitely saw our highest registration numbers of the year. Almost 30 riders hit the water in these categories, and definitely proved that grassroots wakeboarding and the next generation of wake talent is clearly on the rise in Ontario. When the course was clear, Shane Brandstetter, Becca Ballantyne, Cam Spalding and Jessi McKenzie took the Newbie Boys, Newbie Girls, Beginner Boys and Beginner Girls titles respectively. Amateur and Women’s Wakeskate were next off the dock. The wind had picked up, which made for tougher conditions, but Jordan Long and Ally Boothroyd toughed it out to take the top spot in their divisions.

The Roots, Sharpley's Sourse For Sports Open,  wakeboarding, wakeskating

The Roots, Sharpley's Sourse For Sports Open,  wakeboarding, wakeskating

The Roots, Sharpley's Sourse For Sports Open,  wakeboarding, wakeskating

While the Intermediate Men went through their qualifiers, Red Bull’s Jordan Lavery kept the spectators hyped with the wakeskate round of the High Ollie Competition. With $100 cash on the line, Braden Ioi stepped up and popped an unbelievable 29 inches, shattering last year’s record by 10 inches. With eyes back out to the water, Braden Beswick fended off Robby Hicks and Mark Harrison to win the Intermediate Men’s Final. On the Intermediate Women’s side, Amanda Robinson laid down a solid run to take top spot over Jenn Evans, Kaleigh Panter and Melissa Kurtin.

The Roots, Sharpley's Sourse For Sports Open,  wakeboarding, wakeskating

The Roots, Sharpley's Sourse For Sports Open,  wakeboarding, wakeskating

The Roots, Sharpley's Sourse For Sports Open,  wakeboarding, wakeskating


The wakeboarders stepped up to the Red Bull Ollie Bar while the Open Wakeskaters wrapped up their qualifiers, and they did not fail to impress. It was a tight race between a handful of riders, but Dary Znebel managed to get up and over the bar at 46 inches to match last year’s record, and take the $100 cash prize. That paved the way for the Open Men’s qualifiers, and the X-Star took to the water with a roar that could be heard at the far end of town. The guys were absolutely boosting as everyone battled for a spot in the six-man final. It was Christian Primrose, Dave Tsuyuki, Robbie McMillin, Andy Milovanovic, Jake Thompson and local-boy Gavin Hicks who moved on. Before the men’s final, the wakeskaters went back out, and the Open Women took their turn behind the X-Star. Addison Farr, another Haliburton local, cleaned up his qualifying run to put him on top in the wakeskate division, and birthday-girl Susie Mallory landed a massive scarecrow to take the women’s title.

The Roots, Sharpley's Sourse For Sports Open,  wakeboarding, wakeskating

The Roots, Sharpley's Sourse For Sports Open,  wakeboarding, wakeskating

The Roots, Sharpley's Sourse For Sports Open,  wakeboarding, wakeskating

Conditions were ideal for the Open Men’s final, and the bar was set high early as Primrose stood up his pass including an enormous toeside 7. The rest of the riders left it all out on the water, but none of them were able to match Christian’s run. Haliburton’s Gavin Hicks landed a bunch of mobe variations to put himself on the second step of the podium, and Robbie McMillin’s consistent height and style was just enough to put him ahead of Andy Milovanovic to take third place.

We’re headed to Huntsville’s Avery Beach this weekend for the Algonquin Outfitters Provincial Championships presented by Nautique on Saturday, July 28. The Overall Roots Series titles are still up for grabs, so make sure you stop by to check it out!

Detailed results from the whole series can be found at, and follow us through the entire summer at

About the Roots Wake Series:
The Roots is recognized by the provincial sport body as Ontario's designated provincial wakeboard and wakeskate series. This not-for-profit series is organized by a committee of long-time competitive riders hoping to provide the next generation of athletes with the opportunity to excel in sport. The grassroots series focuses on introducing new participants to wakeboarding and wakeskating in Ontario. The Roots is brought to you by Disney XD, Muskoka Woods, Nautique, Pride Marine Group, Hyperlite, Byerly, Teva, Ronix, Mastercraft, Buckeye Marine, Hurley, Rip Curl, Liquid Force, SBC Wakeboard, Metab, The Ranch Wake Park, Sarnia Boarder Pass, Bayou Cable Park, Boardsports, Algonquin Outfitters, Sharpley Source for Sports, Fox, Dakine, Jones Soda, Gordon Bay Marine, Malibu, Summerski, Endless Surf, Spy, CWB, Accurate, Capix, JBR Designs, IS Eyewear, Dakine, Xcel, G&G Electronics, Jet Pilot and Waterski-Wakeboard Ontario.


Newbie Boys
1. Shane Brandstetter
2. Carson Jacobs
3. Hayden Couch
4. Isaac Vieira
5. Xavier Legace
6. Ronnie Roswell

Newbie Girls
1. Becca Ballantyne
2. Kassandra Vanderwerf
3. Avery Spalding
4. Hannah Deyell
5. Emily Thornhill

Beginner Boys Wakeboard
Heat #1
1. Jamie Panter
2. Jesse Jarrett
3. Graham Baker
4. Jacob Bishop
5. Michael Evans
6. Brock Edgehill

Beginner Boys Wakeboard
Heat #2
1. Cam Spalding
2. Garrison Jacobs
3. Cory Znebel
4. Baxter Legace

Beginner Boys Wakeboard
1. Cam Spalding
2. Garrison Jacobs
3. Jesse Jarrett
4. Jamie Panter

Beginner Girls Wakeboard
1. Jessi McKenzie
2. Brirlyn MacClaren
3. Sam Jarrett
4. Jen Brazeau
5. Kayla Baker
6. Carly Anderson
7. Alex Logan
8. Meredith Lagace

Intermediate Men's Wakeboard
Heat #1
1. Mark Harrison
2. Stephen Roome
3. Tommy Bailey
4. Conrad Schoenrock
5. Michael McKenzie

Intermediate Men's Wakeboard
Heat #2
1. Charlie Murphy
2. Robby Hicks
3. Jon McTavish
4. Chris Ducker
5. Derek Brown

Intermediate Men’s Wakeboard
Heat #3
1. Braden Beswick
2. Nick Nagribianko
3. Ryan Galea
4. Thomas Harrison
5. Bradon Chafe

Intermediate Men's Wakeboard
1. Braden Beswick
2. Robby Hicks
3. Mark Harrison
4. Charlie Murphy
5. Nick Nagribianko
6. Stephen Roome

Intermediate Women's Wakeboard
1. Amanda Robinson
2. Jenn Evans
3. Kaleigh Panter
4. Melissa Kurtin

Women's Wakeskate
1. Ally Boothroyd
2. Becca Ballantyne
3. Jess Woolsey

Amateur Men's Wakeskate
1. Jordan Long
2. Brad Gray
3. Mark Harrison
4. Josh Benoliel
5. Thomas Harrison
6. Jon McTavish

Open Men's Wakeskate
Heat #1
1. Dan Brown
2. Addison Farr
3. Brady Hicks
4. Aaron Tuerk
5. Mark Norris

Open Men's Wakeskate
Heat #2
1. Tommy Bailey
2. Scott Boysen
3. Austin Farr
4. Adam Fairbrass

Open Men's Wakeskate
1. Addison Farr
2. Tommy Bailey
3. Scott Boysen
4. Dan Brown

Open Women's Wakeboard
1. Susie Mallory
2. Emily Tenwesteneind
3. Ally Boothroyd

Open Men's Wakeboard
Heat #1
1. Christian Primrose
2. Dave Tsuyuki
3. Dary Znebel
4. Sebastian Santacroce
5. Mike McBrearty
6. Will Morris

Open Men's Wakeboard
Heat #2
1. Gavin Hicks
2. Robbie McMillin
3. Chris Sinkic
4. Mitch Lowry
5. Paul Santacroce
6. Jeremy Eckford

Open Men’s Wakeboard
Heat #3
1. Andy Milovanovic
2. Jake Thompson
3. Mark Norris
4. Harrison Carter
5. Jordan Long
6. Logan Enright

Open Men's Wakeboard
1. Christian Primrose
2. Gavin Hicks
3. Robbie McMillin
4. Andy Milovanovic
5. Dave Tsuyuki
6. Jake Thompson


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