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Parks' Double Or Nothing Goes Huge

Sept 8, 2010

Author: Press Release

Orlando, Fla. -- It was everything people expected, and better than anybody thought it could be. The ultimate day of wakeboarding took place on Sunday while the best riders in the world threw down for Parks Bonifay's Double Or Nothing double-up contest in Clermont, Florida.

Riders were granted seven double ups on Blue Lake, a secret spot that resembles the Caribbean. Riders and the media chilled all day in the Red Bull tent and in the water, jamming to beats from DJ Drop Top and enjoying catering from Yellow Dog Eats.

Parks' signature MasterCraft X Star was unveiled at this event, with a supercharged engine that delivers 540 horsepower. The riders weighted it down like never before, creating mind-blowing double ups bigger than anyone had ever seen.

Parks Bonifay, Mastercraft, Wakeboarding, Red Bull

Signature edition Parks Bonifay Mastercraft X-Star. Smith photo

Parks set the pace early, landing his signature double half-cab roll, and then he went for a double half-cab mobe (a trick only he has landed). The legend himself rotated fully and just popped the handle, but still proved that he is back to his old self.

Adam Errington almost landed a 1260, Jimmy LaRiche came close on a switch heelside 1080 and Chad Sharpe was close to getting a toeside double roll to revert. Daniel Watkins was a crowd favorite and set out to stomp a double back roll to blind. After coming super close to landing it, he was bummed to leave that on the table, but also so psyched to be a part of the event. "Out of all the events I've ever been in, this was by far the best," Watkins said. "The support from my friends on shore was awesome and I've never been in an environment that pumped me up this much."

Young gun Harley Clifford took to the water and all eyes were on him, because anything is possible when he hits the water. It only took him a couple tries to stomp a clean heelside nose grab mobe 720, a move that only he has landed once at home. Rusty Malinoski pulled the smoothest switch toeside 1080 on his first try and Randall Harris stomped a sick toeside wrapped melon backside 720.

Parks Bonifay, Mastercraft, Wakeboarding, Red Bull, Harley Clifford

Harley Clifford, Nose Back Mobe 7 (!?!). Smith photo

The Double Or Nothing awards ceremony begins Thursday, September 9 on the greens of one of Central Florida’s most Legendary golf courses. After a full round of 18 holes, the riders will converge upon the clubhouse for a catered lunch to judge the best trick among each other. Later that night, the votes will be tallied up and the winner will be awarded $10,000 at Sky60 in downtown Orlando.

Parks Bonifay, Mastercraft, Wakeboarding, Red Bull, Blue Lake

This ain't your average Florida lake. Smith photo

Special thanks to Mike Padgett and the crew at SMP ranch for hosting this event as well as Kyle Rattray for driving perfect double ups for eight hours straight.

Parks would like to thank Fox Riders Co., MasterCraft and Red Bull,  for making this event possible in its fifth year.


Way back in the day when Red Bull got involved with the sport of wakeboarding, they pushed the sport in many ways never dreamed possible. From doing wakeboard contest in deep caves to whipping their riders into the world's best waves and even arctic icebergs. Red Bull has always kept their finger on the pulse and helped the sport of wakeboarding reach new heights.
From 2004-2007, Double Or Nothing was the premier event for showcasing the most technical tricks that wakeboarding had to offer. The event took a hiatus for two years, as some riders focused on pushing the limits of rail riding. Once again, Red Bull was at the forefront with the creation of Red Bull Wakelab, an event that incorporated the Sesitec 2.0 cable system, the first portable cable system allowing the sport to be showcased to the masses in locations never thought of before.
Now fast forward to 2010 and the time has come to bring Double Or Nothing back! Now 1080's are becoming a commonplace and even 1260's are possible. There have been more new tricks landed in the last year than ever before. Part of this inspiration came from Red Bull’s movie, Project X, with Shaun White. His recent progression of double corked maneuvers has opened a lot of eyes for what could be possible on a wakeboard and do to that more riders are trying double flips. With All this being said this the time was right for double or nothing to come back. The riders wanted it and the sport needed it.
9/9 (Thur. day) – Double or Nothing Golf Tournament
9/9 (Thur. day) – Double or Nothing luncheon where athletes will review footage
9/9 (Thur. night) – Award ceremony

Final Rider List

1.  Steel Lafferty
2.  Parks
3.  Trevor Hansen
4.  Adam Errington
5.  Jimmy Lariche
6.  Andrew Adkinson
7.  Harley Clifford
8.  Kevin Henshaw
9.  Phil Soven
10. Daniel Watkins
11. Rusty Malinoski
12. Shawn Watson
13. Chad Sharpe
14. Chris O’Shea
15. Shane Bonifay
16. Randall Harris


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