The last few weeks have been pretty full on; August so far has been a lot of travel. Wakestock was awesome and the new site out in Collingwood was crazy.  I would have to say the highlight of the riding was watching the Soven brothers duke it out in all the heats. That's not the last time your gonna see Bob and Phil fighting for the podium. Wake shredding aside, the village where we stayed was at the Blue Mountain ski resort and monster Energy was putting on some wild parties all weekend long.

Me and Watkins partying it up at Wakestock. Dalby photo

Me and Watkins partying it up at Wakestock. Dalby photo

There was a little bit of down time up there so one of the days we rented downhill mountain bikes and figured we would give it a go. I haven't done too much biking in the last few years and let’s just say things are a lot different now. We hardly even had to pedal, you just throw your bike on the lift, get to the top and away you go. I think Rusty [Malinoski], [Daniel] Watkins and I may have set a new mountain record!!!

Instead of going straight home after Wakestock,  [Kevin] Henshaw, [Nic] Harlos, Dustin [O’Ferrall] and I headed off to Montreal to shoot our new adds for Nike 6.0. We were supposed to go and ride in a couple of different spots but once we got to the Derome’s private lake there was no reason to leave. There's a reason those kids are so good.... it’s cause they have the best riding set up ever! If you’re ever out that way and I mean if you’re within 10 hrs of Montreal you owe it to yourself to check it out. The cable set up is dialed, there's rails everywhere and the boat lake is flat even on the windiest day; it’s just a little slice of Quebecker heaven.

I am on my way back down to Florida right now flying with my good buddy Mike Ennen. This is gonna be my last big trip of the summer. We have Surf Expo all weekend long and a few big movie premieres (Aquafrolics, and the Parks Bonifay documentary) and then we wrap it up with worlds. I have been so close to a podium so many times at Worlds hopefully I can get back to you with some good news.

Posted: August 19, 2009 at 01:49 PM
By: Adam Levitt
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Summer's Been Good

I hope everyone is having a rad summer; it has been just killer hot over here on the west coast. I have been up here in Canada ever since BroStock trying to get some shredding in. BroStock was so crazy this year, the new line up of Liquid Force stuff is sick. I got thrown in to the BroStock double-up contest while I was out there and I guess I had a little bit of luck on my side cause I was able to take 3rd place behind Danny [Harf] and Bob [Soven].

A few weeks after I got home we had a Monster Energy team trip up in the Shuswap and I got the invite to come and hang with all the boys and do some shredding. [Adam] Levitt was up there shooting an article for the new mag and we had a really sick transfer box that Monster had made up. It was a good trip and the shredding was sick and I just happened to weasel my way on to one of the best teams in the industry, TEAM MONSTER. That's right folks, Monster Canada has taken me under their wing and I couldn't be more stoked.

So now I'm sitting back up here in Canada, I just got back from the Malibu Monster Energy team challenge with a big Liquid Force win over the Hyperlite guys. Myself, Mike Ennen, Kevin Henshaw and Bob Soven are on top of the world.

Just a few more days till I fly out to the contest of the year; Wakestock. I’ve been riding really hard trying to get ready for it and I hope it pays off. I have always wanted a Wakestock belt and I have been so close. I think this is my year.

I will try to hit you guys up more often; get out there and shred while it’s hot. See you at Wakestock.

Posted: August 6, 2009 at 01:48 PM
By: Adam Levitt
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Byerly Toe Jam Rail Contest

Hey Dudes, hope every one is starting to get their shred on as the weather starts to warm up. It’s been hot and busy down here in Clermont and we have been riding a lot. I have been shooting with photographer Bryan Soderlind a fair bit lately and we’ve been getting some amazing stuff.

Last weekend was the Toe Jam it was out at The Projects, which is always a lot of fun. I saw Oli [Derome] and Yan Tibo out there; those guys are awesome. The riding this year was better then ever on the rails and all the Canadians that rode made it thru qualifying to the top 16. Yan Lacomte, Nic Harlos and I that were from north of the 49th to represent and we all had a really good weekend. Once you make it to the head to head, it just gets gnarly; Nic got Reed [Hansen] in the first round, Yan matched up with Andrew Pastura, and I got none other than Brian Grubb. I guess all the training that I’ve been doing paid off because somehow I took my heat. The other guys weren’t so lucky but they shredded hard all day. The top eight was as far as I made it. I ran into Ben Horan and he was coming off a big win from the last Toe Jam; it was a close one but he took me out. Nick Taylor ended up on top and it was a really awesome contest once again.

I'm flying to Kansas tomorrow to go do some cable stuff up there then I’m on the road hitting up a bunch of places and filming for the Obscura team video. We’ll be driving all the way back to Florida just to head to the airport and fly off to Powell for the world famous BROstock.

Keep shredding and get out there even if it’s cold. You know I would.

Posted: May 22, 2009 at 01:37 PM
By: Adam Levitt
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Wear Your Vest!!!

What’s up guys? I’m out on the Parker River right now right on the Arizona/California border filming for the new Body Glove video and doing catalog shoots for all the 2010 gear. It’s crazy hot out here but the water is so cold.
Anyways, I just about died yesterday on a winching adventure. I got caught in an undertow at this spill way and let’s just say I lived to blog again, but that’s as close to death as I ever want to get. Thank God I was in a Coast Guard approved vest. The footage gonna be in the video; we’ve been getting some really good shots.
I’m out here for a few more days then it’s off to Texas to do some winching and filming with my good buddy Aaron Reed . I will be back with more adventures soon enough.  


Posted: April 4, 2009 at 01:19 PM
By: Adam Levitt
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It's Bloggin' Time

Well, this is going to be fun; I’ve got a really busy season ahead of me and it has all kicked off with a pretty big bang. I can’t think of a better way to start the season by making it on the cover of the new SBC Wake mag.

Check me out, I'm on the cover. Smith photo

Check me out, I'm on the cover. Smith photo

I’ve been up in Vancouver most of the winter but I made it down to the Philippines for a bit to do some filming for the new Nike 6.0 video that’s gonna be coming out this summer. If you get a chance to go over there, do it; it will change your outlook on riding for sure . Riding up here has been cold but we’re getting out on the Fraser River lots and it’s starting to warm up a bit. I also have been hunting some new winch spots. Gotta love the rainy day winch sessions.

So I’m back in the saddle feeling strong and really stoked for the 09 shred year. I’m off to Florida in a few days so I will let you guys know what’s shaking down there next time I post.


Posted: March 18, 2009 at 01:10 PM
By: Adam Levitt
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